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    Moving is a stressful process, especially when moving over long distances. Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa is proud to offer a full range of moving and packing services over long distances. We are committed to professionalism and guarantee high-quality customer service for every cross-country move. Our professional team of long distance movers Ottawa will provide safe and reliable services in residential and commercial moving throughout the country.

    Long distance movers Ottawa
    No matter how far you need to move, our Ottawa long distance movers are here to help you

    Trusted long-distance moving company Ottawa

    Over the years, Discount Moving has been providing customers with reliable and professional long-distance moving services. For years of improvement in the relocation process, we understand what customers need to get a great relocation experience. We strive to provide customers with everything they need for a successful move, including allowing them to create their own moving plan, complete with customizable service options that fit their needs, budget, and schedule. Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa also include the basic Full Value Protection option in every initial moving quote. We have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable long distance movers Ottawa because of the flexibility we offer our customers.

    Long-distance moving services Ottawa

    If you are moving across the province border or across the country, we can help you transfer your things to your new home with ease and simplicity!

    Packing and unpacking

    Let us save you time and nerves with our full and partial packing options. We can even unpack your belongings for you. Whatever your level of needs is, we can handle it! Discount Moving offers customized packing services, from partial packing to full packing. No matter which option you choose, we will always take care of loading, transporting and unloading your belongings.

    Storage services

    If you need flexibility when moving, Discount Moving offers storage solutions that match your unique moving situation. If you need to store your things while you sell your current home or while you wait for your new home to become available, Discount Moving and Storage is here to help with your storage needs. We will store your things in our convenient storage facilities until your new home is ready. When you are ready to get your stored items, our long distance movers Ottawa will finish moving them for you. If your home is not ready at the time of your move or you need temporary storage, we offer options for short-term and long-term storage.

    What is the long-distance move?

    Long-distance moves differ from local (short-distance move within the same province) since they include the move of goods across the province lines. In addition, cross-country move may also be referred to as a long-distance move. Regardless of distance, special authority is required for all activities related to crossing the province border. Canada acts and regulations, including insurance requirements, are designed to protect consumers before, during, and after they move.

    It is important that you can distinguish reputable long distance moving companies Ottawa from fraudulent ones who are often not movers and are known to have held personal property hostage for an additional fee and other frauds.

    Cost of long-distance moves

    With Discount Moving, our long-distance moving quotes take into account many factors, so you get a fair quote that is specific to your unique move. Among other things, we estimate the weight of your belongings, the distance of your move, and what services you request to determine the expected cost of moving.

    It is important to note that all moves over long distances are different, so we must collect all the preliminary information before providing you with the cost of moving.

    Long distance movers Ottawa
    Our long distance movers Ottawa will give you an accurate quote once they gather all the necessary information

    Our long distance movers Ottawa can help you with all types of moves

    Small moves

    Not a single move is too small for the Discount Moving. If you are moving to another province or even cross-country, and you have fewer items to move, we are your partner. Discount Moving understands that each move is unique, so our services are designed to meet your needs and make your move stress-free. Following are some of the benefits of moving with our Ottawa long distance movers:

    • Get your quote faster and easier with our online quote calculator
    • Pay only for the services you need and customize your moving plan
    • Schedule with guaranteed moving dates
    • Be calm, knowing that full protection is included, which means that we will cover all lost or damaged items

    Residential moving

    Moving home can be overwhelming. Let us relieve stress from the move and get a quote today. Regardless of whether you are moving along the street, through the state or at a great distance, it is important to understand what type of move you are preparing for and what steps you need to take to prepare for the move.

    Moving households requires the special authority to transport clients’ belongings from one province to another. This authority granted by official regulators. Companies moving to other cities that offer long-distance move must follow the rules designed to protect you before, during, and after moving between provinces.

    Discount Moving long distance moving customers are served at different locations. And we can help alleviate the burden of moving any distance, long or short. From complete relocation to packing and storage options, we can customize your individual relocation plan as much as you need. Discount Moving will be your reliable guide throughout the process.

    Commercial moving

    At Discount Moving, we understand that commercial moving is time-consuming and often difficult. And this is just one of many of your work responsibilities. That’s where we come from. Discount Moving can help your employees throughout the entire relocation process with the best office movers Ottawa residents choose┬áso that they reach their new job and are ready to work. Regardless of the size or needs of your company, we can manage your next commercial move so that you can focus on new talents!

    Ottawa long distance movers
    Big or small, our movers can handle every commercial move

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    We know that moving over long distances can be really stressful. But, there is no need for it to be like that. Contact us today and schedule your move with our professional long distance movers Ottawa! We will do everything we can to make your move an enjoyable experience.