There is a lot of guides online on how you should go about making preparations for a move. There are those who offer help with finding movers. Others focus on packing. Others yet that mainly focus on the price of the move or the other technical details. However, here, we will be focusing on something else entirely. Forgetting about the move for a minute, we will talk about how to actually inspect your Ottawa home before moving and how to best make sure that you find that perfect home and your price range.

Get help when you inspect your Ottawa home before moving

While this article will mainly focus on Ottawa, there is no reason as to why the principles in this article couldn’t be used in picking out homes in other cities, so we encourage you to read it even if you are going to inspect a home somewhere other than Ottawa. With that being said, what should you be on the lookout for when picking out home your professional movers Ottawa of preference will move you in? Well, the thing here is that you might want to look for help rather than for the house. Ottawa is a huge city with a booming housing market. This means that there are a lot of homes on offer from which to choose. Having an option is great, don’t get us wrong, however, there is an occurrence as too much of a good thing.

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Ottawa is big – so get some help!

Multitude of choice

Human minds are not actually designed to have an easier time with a multitude of options as opposed to having to pick among fewer. Even though it might not seem logical at the outset, it does make sense when you think about it. It is a lot easier to compare things when there is less than 5 of something, or even 3. In the sea that is the Ottawa housing market, you will be hard-pressed to find a good solution on your own.

Furthermore, choices on such matters as housing should be informed ones. We can do much to help you with this article, but it is not a substitute for the real knowledge and experience of housing market specialists. Therefore, if you are truly looking for the best home in Ottawa, you should be looking for a real estate inspector that would help you inspect your Ottawa apartment before moving. That way you can be carefree, knowing that a professional is handling all of your needs in the matter.

There are, however, some downsides to hiring a real estate expert. The main one is definitely that they cost money. Moving can strain anyone’s budget, and hiring a real estate might just be an expense that breaks the camels back…

Start with basics – roof and the foundation

If you are going to be inspecting the house by yourself before moving in with the help of moving companies Gatineau – you need to be acquainted with the basics. So, first things first. What you are looking for is any kind of troubling signs concerning the absolute worst-case scenario – structural instability. If it so happens that the building has structural flaws, that should absolutely not be your renew home, no matter the price that is offered. Simply put, the basic function of a home is to provide safety and shelter to the residents. If the structural integrity of a home is somehow threatened, it would mean it failed its primary function.

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How does the exterior hold up?

But how does one check for the structural integrity of a home? How should you go about inspecting your Ottawa home before moving? Well, by focusing on two spots. The roof and the foundation. The roof can be checked from the attic spot. You should look for any kind of deformation of the structure and holes and missing tiles. In the attic, you should search for any kind of moisture residue that would point to a leaky roof.


Furthermore, you can also check the foundation of the home the local movers Ottawa is moving you to. Be sure to check for cracks or ill-built walls. Foundations are extremely hard to fix, so if something is broken, you should pass on the house. It is simply not worth it.

The exterior of the building

After you are done with the structural integrity check, you should examine the exterior of the building your long distance movers Ottawa are moving you to. Obviously, this will not be hard to do. What you are looking for are cracks or any other signs of weakness in the facade or the walls. By making sure it is all good on the outside, you are confirming that the building has no stresses from the exterior.

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Check for basic services, like clean water

Various utilities

Finally, you have to make sure that the home you are inspecting is actually livable. Therefore, you need to do all you can in order to make sure all the services one needs for a normal life are there. These include things like:

  • Electrical – Electrical service can be checked by checking the outlets.
  • Plumbing – Any problems with the plumbing can be expensive and slow to fix, so focus on it when you inspect your Ottawa home before moving.
  • Heating/cooling system – Canada can have cold winters, so make sure the heating works!

Be on the lookout for telltale signs

Finally, as a conclusion, be sure to always look for the signs that will always point to a house that is out of order. Look at the neighborhood and the neighboring structures. Look at the levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Are the windows and doors maintained? How about the attic? When you are attempting to inspect your Ottawa home before moving, be aware that even houses that are properly built can be turned into utterly unusable structures if they are not maintained well. Therefore, when you are inspecting your future home, be sure to look for these telltale signs of something being very wrong. Best of luck!