With rising rental prices nationwide, more and more Millenials are moving home after college. Thus, you can save money and prepare yourself for all the difficulties that arise with living independently. Regardless of whether you are 23 or 28 years old, moving out of your parents home is an especially difficult and stressful process. In view of the above, leaving is a huge step towards independence, and often this is the first step in building your own life outside the home.

Planning to hit the road yourself and move for the first time? We have some tips to help you make a smooth transition from your parents’ home to the real world!

10 tips for moving out of your parents home

1. Set the date and stick to it

Setting a specific moving date is the best way to avoid delays when moving. We also suggest telling your friends and family about your plan, as they will be crucial for you if you start to hesitate. And not to mention that it is much easier to book the best Ottawa movers when you know your moving date in advance.

Circled date

Setting the exact day of moving out of your parents home will also help you plan your whole move in details

2. Nail your finances

Moving on your own is an important step in adulthood, but if your finances are not in order, problems will arise. You must make sure that you have enough money to cover the first couple of months of the rental if something changes with your income. This includes planning for all expenses associated with moving, for example, hiring a local moving company, purchasing new furniture, making guarantee deposits, fees, etc.

3. Fix a stable income

Without a steady income coming every month, paying your bills will be an extremely stressful task. This often leads to detrimental long-term financial problems, such as credit card debt and late payments, which are displayed on your credit account. Leaving your parents’ home is not worth it if it hurts your personal finances in the short and long term.

Perhaps after graduating from college, you find the perfect job. It is important to know what you want, but it is more common to take an entry-level position, even if it is not related to your specialization. Use this as a way to enter the door and gain valuable life and work experience.

4. Practice budgeting while you are still living at your parents’ home

If you live at home, you probably do not pay rent. This is a great way to save some money before moving on. With this in mind, paying rent is a great way to learn more about budgeting and controlling your spending habits. We suggest developing a plan with your parents to start paying them a certain amount of rent every month. This can be tricky at first, but ultimately it will help you learn how to make regular payments. Or you can start saving money for paying moving services Ottawa for your upcoming move. Set the amount you will put aside each month for that purpose and act like it is for rent.

5. Find a roommate to help pay rent

Depending on where you live and the cost of rent, you may need to compensate for part of this cost by adding a roommate or two. This will reduce the amount that you will pay each month and allow you to rent better.

Although it may take some time to adapt to life with another person, it can help you deal with the loneliness that may arise along with leaving your own home. To really save money, you can look to move in with someone who wants to fill a room in their apartment, which is often much cheaper than signing your own rental agreement.

Man reading a book

But don’t compromise your peace by having too many roommates

6. Find a place to live

Finding the right apartment for moving out of your parents home may take some time. This is especially true if you are watching with several roommates. Check out sites such as rentals.ca to get a feel for the market. Make sure that you remember your budget and can conveniently pay, as well as take into account other living expenses. You should also consider the proximity to your current place of work, as well as the amenities offered in your area.

7. Plan your move and hire a professional relocation company

By hiring a professional residential moving company, you can get rid of most of the hassle and stress. In particular, they will provide the fastest and safest delivery of your belongings. Moving is already expensive, so you need to hire movers in advance. Obtaining a free quote in advance will help you fix your budget for moving before the movers arrive.

8. Gather the basics to furnish your new space

When it comes to arranging your home, there are plenty of options that won’t break the bank. Ikea is the perfect option for a starting apartment with affordable furniture that you assemble yourself. In addition, furniture rental is a great way to save money and time. Remember that this is your first apartment, and you do not need to fill it with expensive furniture, which will be difficult to move from place to place.

9. Relocation

Now that you have a place to rent and a plan for its arrangement, it’s time to move! Take it easy and enjoy decorating your space. You might even want to make a small housewarming party to celebrate your newfound independence and show off your apartment.

10. Explore your new neighborhood

Once you have settled, exploring your new neighborhood is an important first step to learning how to feel part of the area. We also suggest becoming regular at a local coffee shop or restaurant. Thus, you can develop a routine and see friendly faces every day.

Friends on a picnic

Exploring the neighborhood is also a great way of meeting your new neighbors and making friends

Final thoughts on moving out of your parents home

Regardless of whether you move locally or across state borders, the first move in itself is a gigantic step. Cold feet and anxiety can be expected, but you will be amazed at your strength when you tear off the patch and move on to independence. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask your parents for help. They probably went through the relocation process many times and will become an excellent support system. Good luck with your move!