Anyone that has ever moved knows from experience just how difficult and demanding a move can be. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to call the professionals – your local Ottawa movers will take care of everything for you! With this, you’ll minimize your effort, stress and possible damage to your belongings – not to mention save money! Besides hiring a team of moving experts, there’s one more thing that will definitely help with your move – a moving checklist! Let’s see why it’s important to make one and how to do it!

Moving Checklist – Do You Really Need One?

Before you start making a moving checklist, let’s see what that really is. Simply put,  it’s a checklist of things you need to do before and during your move. Also, it can be a list of things you that you might need, like renting storage units in Ottawa during your move, etc.

Moving checklist

A Moving Checklist Will Make For A Smooth & Stress-Free Moving Experience.

Things To Add To Your Moving Checklist:

  • Provide Parking Space For Cars & Rental Vans In Advance

    This will make it easier for a moving company and you once the moving starts.

  • Choose A Date To Move & Tell Your Neighbours

    Make sure that your neighbours are aware of your home – both in your current home and the location that you’re moving to. This will help maintain a good relationship with those around you and will help them plan their schedules accordingly.

  • Measure & Check The Dimensions Of Doors & Staircases 

    It’s important to know the dimensions of your large belongings to make sure that they fit in elevator, up and down stairs, and in your new space. This will help you and your movers with organizing your belongings and finding space for everything.

  • Make A List Of The Essential Moving & Packing Supplies

    Those can include: moving boxes, felt pens, stickers, paper (newspapers) and wrapping foil. Check with your moving company if they can provide you with packing material or even some free moving boxes.

  • Secure & Organize Your Moving Boxes

    When packing things in cardboard boxes, always put heavier items on the bottom and lighter on the top. This way, the box will be more stable, the weight will be distributed more evenly, and your belongings will be safe.

  • Label The Contents Of Each Moving Box 

    An organized move is a stress-free move. Labeling each box will make for much quick and easier unpacking in your new home.

  • Turn Off Electronic Devices Such As Computers, TVs, & Audio Systems

    The day before your move, make sure your electronic devices are turned off. This will make sure that your electronic devices are safe from damage and shortage of power. Also, take photos of connecting cables to your computer and other electrical devices so that you can easily connect the cables later on.

  • Contact Your Internet Service Provider

    Make sure to schedule some time to contact your internet provider if you’re switching phone numbers and internet connection.

  • Familiarize Yourself & Your Family With Your New Location

    Take some time to learn the streets, routes, and access to public transportation at your new home.

  • IMPORTANT: Always Keep Your Personal & Important Belongings By Your Side 

    Keep things like sensitive documents, keys, artwork, money, jewelry, etc. nearby. It’s best to move these items yourself or get moving insurance just in case.

clothes being packed during a move

Label Each Of Your Moving Boxes – This Will Make Unpacking Easier & Quicker.

What To Do Before Making A Moving List

Before even making a checklist, be sure to go to each room and sort things you won’t pack. So check your kitchen, basement, garage, etc. When there are fewer things in your home to pack, you can reduce moving costs; there will be a lot less packing and less money to pay for your relocation. Once you clean your place, you can start making your moving plan on paper.

Find and write down things that are fragile – they will need special care. If you have antiques, art objects, paintings, and other valuables, they will need special packing. The best option would be to hire a professional moving company or at least call them for a free moving estimate. This will give you an idea of how much your relocation will cost. Professionals usually suggest crates – these are wooden boxes, specially designed for an item to hold your possessions. These boxes are made according to the type and size of the item that you need to pack.

Other Things To Consider

As we said, take special care of your electronics too as they may be very valuable. These items can be anything from computers, printers, kitchen appliances, TVs, etc. Make a list of these items and try to find their manuals and instructions. This will help you in taking proper care of electronics while moving. Either way, when planning to move out, listing things is important as there may be special requirements for packing.

a wooden figurine of a house

If You Have Antiques, Paintings, Or Other Valuable/Delicate Items, They Will Require Special Packing.

Once you list your electronics, make a list of bulky items in your place. Make note of any larger items such as your king-size bed and your mattress. As you may guess, bulky furniture can also be tricky. There are some pieces that are large or heavy and can’t be moved in any other way but by being disassembled. And do you know how to disassemble and reassemble your furniture? If you’re unsure and are hesitant to try for yourself, it’s best to leave it to movers. As you see, without a checklist, you can’t be sure what will go wrong! Good luck!

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